• v.欲望;热望;急切须要;请求
  • v.(动词)

  • vt. & vi. 欲望,热望 have a very strong almost uncontrollable desire for (sth,especially sth bad)
  • vt. 请求;请求 ask seriously for
  • Verb:

  • have a craving, appetite, or great desire for
  • plead or ask for earnestly
  • 用作动词(v.)

  • Many young children crave attention.许多小孩子欲望取得眷注。
  • All Americans crave to be svelte (and rich).一切的美国人都欲望身段细长(和富有)。
  • By this time the inner man began to crave nourishment.到这个时间,肚子泉源咕咕叫着要吃器械了。
  • I crave that we may taste of your wine.我请求让我们尝尝您的酒。
  • 为您推荐